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            Campbell House has become a gem amongst historic houses in St. Louis due to its unique restoration.  The restoration was not only done to match the period colors like other St. Louis historic houses, but also to match the original decoration that existed when the Campbells lived in the house.
            Almost the entire interior was painted over in the 1970's, covering the grained woodwork. At some time, the decorative painting in the parlor and stair hall was also painted over. Over a three year period, Master Artisans recreated the original wood graining, stenciling, gold leaf, and hand-painted decoration throughout the house. The wood graining included mahogany, walnut, quarter-sawed oak, and burl graining patterns.
            Printing drums were custom cut by the wallpaper manufacture to match scrapes of paper uncovered in the house. Master Artisans also hung this custom, historic-patterned wallpaper in seven areas of the house.   




            Master Artisans' scaffolding was erected, and special platforms were built to level the floor elevation, helping to reach the 40 foot tall ceilings.
            The ceilings had been plastered in areas to repair water damage. We took over at this point priming the plaster. We custom matched the main ceiling color and all the striping and shadowing colors. The main ceiling, sanctuary ceiling, and wall decorations were recreated to match the existing.